Our Mission

To provide straightforward food that just tastes great!

Who We Are

Big Guy's Backyard Grill was launched in November 2017. We started by offering catering and delivery service. We had such a tremendous response that in July 2018 we put a food truck into service. We have earned a reputation for high-quality food with a personal touch.

The food truck serves at various locations through Jacksonville and is available for your event. Give us a call at 904-575-1634 to talk about how we can help with your event. We still provide catering and delivery service primarily to the Jacksonville area of northeast Florida, including Orange Park, Middleburg, Green Cove Springs, Lake Asbury, and Jacksonville.

We named our company Big Guy's Backyard Grill for a reason: we offer a wide variety of food, so you always have a reason to eat with us. We specialize in BBQ and American cuisine. Check out our reviews at www.Facebook.com/BigGuysBackyardGrill.

We are a licensed food business with the state of Florida and we are insured. In addition, Rob is a licensed Food Safety Manager.

Our Story

Tricia and I love food. We started Big Guy's Backyard Grill because we love making people happy through food. Who doesn't love food? We can't express strongly enough how we feel when we see people smile while eating food we served. This is personal for us. These are our recipes. Our homemade touches. Our experimenting until we are happy and have received the 5-star feedback we crave. We have zero interest in putting out anything less than awesome food.

The concept is simple: just good food you want to eat!

We launched Big Guy's Backyard Grill after much urging from friends and a few restaurateurs. We always just thanked people for their compliments and went back to our "9-5" jobs. Then, a very successful food truck operator was at a party where we made pulled pork, mac-n-cheese, and beans. He told us that it was some of the best food he has had and that includes competition-winning BBQ. He encouraged us to look into a food truck and catering business. That made us think we may have something. We took the necessary steps to become licensed in Florida and certified as Food Safety Managers. We want everyone to be assured that they are not just eating delicious food, but food prepared and treated safely.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some “backyard” grilled food that is simply good! Originally from Wisconsin, we are bringing a few of those flavors to northeast Florida and combining them with southern cuisine. No, that doesn’t mean everything is covered in beer and cheese! Although, cheese is an ingredient in most of our foods and a good beer does go well with our food! Our mission is to provide straight-forward food that just tastes great. If the feedback from our most recent tastings and customers are any indication, you will love it too!

Come see us at one of our stops (see calendar) or reach out to us via phone, email, or Facebook. We also offer a convenient contact form here. We would love to make your next event or party a delicious one!